Cesar Chavez Avenue Bridge Plate

L.A. River Bridges Plates

$35 per Plate


Cesar Chavez Avenue Bridge

This bridge opened in 1926 as the Macy Street Bridge, consistent with the adjoining road of the same name, and in 1995, both the street and the bridge were renamed in honor of Cesar Chavez, the celebrated farm labor organizer and civil rights activist. It's located on a section of the historic El Camino Real, the road that linked each of California's original 21 missions.

About the Design Motifs

The illustrations on the back of the plate depict cast iron bells that were placed in the early 20th Century as markers to indicate El Camino Real’s original 700- mile route.


The L.A. River Bridges Plates are porcelain plates, 8.25" in diameter (salad/dessert-size.) They are food safe and can be used in a microwave and/or a dishwasher. They are available for sale only as single plates, each priced at $35 .


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