Celebrate Our First Anniversary With A Birthday Plate Special!

September 17 marks the first anniversary of The L.A. River Bridges Plates and we want you to celebrate with us, so we've reduced the retail price by 25%... it's like getting 4 plates for the price of 3... normally $199 per set, now, only $149 per set...but for a limited time only.

These high quality artist's plates are sold as limited edition sets of four plates each, destined to become collector's items...

The L.A. Times says they're "cool" and the bridges "are being immortalized."

Curatingla.com says they are "unique, decorative, useful, educational and elegant."

Robin Leach says they are so "rich and famous... easily meeting the high standards one would expect for the landed gentry of Downton Abbey."


A happy birthday gift sale for you!


From September 17 until September 30, the set of 4 L.A. River Bridges Plates,  normally priced at $199 plus tax and shipping, will be sold for $149, plus tax and shipping.                   

With each set of L.A. River Bridges plates sold, a donation is made in support of the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles, a non-profit  organization dedicated to improving life in Los Angeles. Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of local government, business, philanthropy, and non-profit sector, the fund facilitates the communication and collaboration vital to solving Los Angeles' most complex challenges.

The fund is supported by private donations and is overseen by an independent board of directors.

The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles

A second, equivalent donation per set sold, is being made to support the San Antonio Humane Society and its continued rescue and relief efforts for animals that were injured, stranded or abandoned due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. SAHS donations will be made via the Harvey’s Heroes Emergency Fund.