7th Street Bridge Plate


The original 1910 Seventh Street Bridge had a single deck and was built at grade level of adjacent railroad tracks, requiring extra caution when driving onto and off of the bridge. By the 1920's, automobile travel had surged and bridge traffic often was jammed at a standstill. The solution was to build a new bridge at a level above the tracks and instead of razing the original bridge, the current Seventh Street Bridge, completed in 1927, was built directly on top of its predecessor, which is why it has a double decker appearance, although only the top deck is in use.



About the Design Motifs

The design motifs on the back of the plate were inspired by details in the architecture of the Seventh Street Bridge itself, as can be seen in photo of the bridge at left. 




The L.A. River Bridges Plates are a set of 4 porcelain plates, 8.25" in diameter (salad/dessert-size.) They are food safe and can be used in a microwave and/or a dishwasher. They are available for sale only as a full set of 4 plates, priced at $199 per set.

A donation is made in support of The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles with each set sold.