6th Street Bridge Plate


The 1932 Sixth Street Bridge was the longest of all the bridges over the L.A. River and its iconic design made it the most famous. A chemical reaction caused its concrete to deteriorate over time and the bridge was condemned once engineers determined it was likely to collapse in a strong earthquake.  Its replacement is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Notice the photo credit: Mayor Eric Garcetti is the photographer and author of the commemorative message printed on the back of the plate.


"The Sixth Street bridge has stood as a testament to the vision and determination of the men and women who built Los Angeles, and has strengthened our city by connecting the diverse neighborhoods to the east and west of the L.A. River. As we build a modern landmark to meet the needs of our growing community, this contemporary structure will also serve as a link between our city's history and future --- and will play a pivotal role in shaping our City's identity in the 21st century." - Mayor Eric Garcetti 



About the Design Motif

The design motif on the back of the plate was inspired by details in the architecture of the Sixth Street Bridge itself, as can be seen in photo of the bridge below.